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Christmas gift knife for a friend. 3rd knife finished


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This is made out of the inner race of an skf bearing. On their website the metallurgy of this steel is 100cr6. Very similar to 52100. 

Just made the shape up to my liking, I forged the Fuller in and finished the profile up with my 2" wheel on the 2x72 grinder I built myself. Sanded down to 220grit. I cheated, this is my profile grind and I messed it up, so I used nail polish to cover the edge going up roughly an inch and dunked in some homemade ferric chloride I made from muriatic acid, nails, and 3% hydrogen peroxide. 

I don't have proper heat treating things yet so I just put the knife into my forged running very fuel heavy and slowly heated till the magnet didn't stick, then put back in for a minute or so to increase the temp slightly above that. Then quenched in preheated canola oil at a temperature hot enough where it was uncomfortable to have my finger in it for more than 3 seconds. I then tempered at 400f for  2x 1.5hour cycles, followed by a torch temper on the tang and spine to a blue color, and the very tip of the blade to a purple brown color. 

Handle is padauk with the pins being 3/8 stainless tubing. I even managed to forge in the distil taper I used West coast systems slow cure epoxy. I like how this one turned out. The knife is going to be living inside a camping trailer so I left it a bit thick on the edge in case it sees alot of hard use. 






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