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Hello IFL,
My name is Liam and i am very new to the craft; full of theory-craft and lacking in practice so far but i want to make sure i'm ready to go when i go! Unfortunately there is nothing in the way of classes, smithing days-out, meets etc in the near by area so i have been learning what i have learned from the wonderful people over on a few (UK) blacksmithing/bladesmithing for begginers groups on social media but find myself coming here more and more lately for the information i need.
 I have a very all-or-nothing mind-set, blessing and curse, I can learn and progress in anything that interests me at an extreme rate but i can also over-think things at the same extreme. Spending on set up and obsessing over online markets for weeks for good deals because i'm a tight git or reading and learning and questioning for 18 hours straight and forget to eat so you will probably hear from me a lot over the coming months.
 So far i'm still to start forging anything as I've needed this or that and a place to work that i have been getting together in my own time while i learn from videos and advice over the last few months; In that time i've managed to get:
137kg / 302lb  (according to a converter- 2 . 2 . 22) London pattern, nice and flat, no chinked edges, I can make out some marking on it that are the remnants of "WARRANTED" but not sure of the maker
3" leg vice in surprisingly good condition, all original part, no bend in the leg or welded parts
Devil forge single burner, 20kg/40lb tank + all the tools i need, hammer, grips, a wrench etc and managed to keep it under £350 in total... so far... 
 Tomorrow i will finish building my shed at the end of the garden and be ready for my first burn so watch this space! 
Looking foward to meet you all

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1 hour ago, KingAether said:

Looking foward to meet you all

Welcome to IFI. I always suggest reading this to get the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST  It is full of tips like editing your profile to show your location, as so many answers depend upon where in the world you are located.

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