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Winter forge press project

fleur de lis

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Time for the winter project shenanigans to begin. To hopefully be completed by late spring (as the scrapyard treasures permits). 

No idea of the stroke or speed. There's some writing in it, but I can stumble along in russian. Definitely not Italian.  I can post a picture is anyone speaks Italian.  

This will be similar in design to the one blacksmith-450 made

,  but turned 90° with a pass through in the main beam probably 6" x 6" for those longer jobs. The main beam is a probably excessively stout. 12" x 14" x 12" & 7/8" thick x 5' long. Found it years ago at a job for just a few bucks. The cylinder and anvil are to be mounted in the channel of the beam with the legs acting as guides. 


The tank / pump / motor will be mounted to one side with the controls to the other side with some type of protective cover over the flammable bits. Red hot metal & pressurized oil could be fun.  Just not right in front of my face. 


In case it's not apparent,  I'm winging most of this & using as much scrapyard finds & reclaimed materials as I can dig up (not the hoses though. Those'll be new). This is mostly a fun project for me & if I end up with a press to do canister & billets with, super. I'm at a early point with this & still have to answer most of my own questions.  





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