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I Forge Iron

Hello from western Pennsylvania


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First post here and I do come with a specific question I'll post in the proper forum.

Other than welding and very basic fabrication, I have pretty much no experience in metal working.  I have been wood working on and off over the last 25 years, but I am interested in learning knife making and building some of my own shop tools (2x72 grinder, hydraulic press, and maybe a small power hammer, that sort of thing).  Right now I'm more in a "book learning" mode as I'm not quite ready to start gathering parts and pieces to build anything just yet.  I've learned a bit about metallurgy of carbon steels (pearlite BCC to austenite FCC structures and how quenching quickly to below the eutectic temperature creates martensite), damascus techniques, etc, etc, etc.  I've also watched quite a bit of youtube videos on all the knife making stuff,  building machines, forges, tools, and so on. 

Hoping to get a very basic (i.e. forge, anvil, tongs and hammers) set up running next spring.  I already have a very small 1x30 belt grinder that I can practice with while I build a 2x72 grinder (using Jeremy Schmidt's design for those that know it). 

Anyway, I'll definitely be doing a lot of reading here and will probably pester the heck out of everyone with a million questions  :-)

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Welcome aboard Don't know if you have seen this thread but it will give you a lot of tips for getting the best out of the forum. READ THIS FIRST  While reading the posts (especially the old one's) you will see a lot of the pictures were lost after several updates. A real shame but such is life on the web.

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