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Yataghan sword bayonet.


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It is a French model 1866 Chassepot that someone has polished off the St Ettienne or other armory markings on the spine, which were lightly etched. Or the blade wasn't made in a French armory, though mine has the identical stamp's on the quillion and blade the adjusting screw on the barrel ring is definitely French also.

A little more searching the blade was made by Alex Coppel the scales are his mark. Here is a good site about them seems there were many different blade makers.

http://www.old-smithy.info/bayonets/HTNL DOCUMNETS/1866_chassepot.htm

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Probably polishing because of surface rust & got a little too aggressive. I've seen folks ruin the value of a lot of old muzzleloaders because they didn't know any better. Sorta like grinding on the hardened face of anvils. Also the Germans had confiscated a lot of the French bayonets, that were pressed into service in WWI but those usually had German acceptance stamps on them. Are there any stamping's in the mounting channel of the grip?

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