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I Forge Iron

complete beginner needs help

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Frosty wow, that is a lot of information even im scared! and i have...limited primitive blacksmithing knowledge  XD

J-MAN if you just want to "start" blacksmithing and arnt looking to turn it into a business(sooon) maybe this could give you insight into how little is actually needed if you just want to build a "forge" (minus the fuigo bellow but that can be substituted for any type of blower)
i hope you join us in the smithing world, its a wonderful craft and the more you learn the better it becomes. its really fun^-^ good night guys!


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Okay fellas so I think I have my parts list done. I will use a NEW 3.5 gallon metal pail from a chemical containment store in my town. I have my parts for the burner. Only thing I need help with is the wool, rigidizer and castable, no one has that locally here. Anyone know of a good place to get it? 

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