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Mouse Hole w/welded in hardy tool

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Any thoughts?  I'm considering buying.

1830-35 because it has a pritchel hole and correct logo.  Someone welded a tool in the hardy hole on the top.  I'm going to face time with the owner this afternoon.  The weld looks to be mig.  I believe after some research that this age of MH has a multi piece face.  Owner has not done any kind of rebound test.  The anvil has clean edges and has not been used in a while.  Other than having the owner bounce a hammer around the face and welded area what else can I do on face time?  Not sure if the owner has a ball bearing. What kinds of problems am I getting myself into?  I'm not real worried about being able to get the hot cut out. Just time and care. This anvil is a fair distance away but the price is pretty good now. Might get better might not be worth the drive. About $2/lb US now.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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1.2.10. 178 marked.  Closer to 4 hours away which is not a big deal that's an average day at work.  Face has a little bit of sway no big deal just worried about the welded area and how much hardness it has lost.  

Thanks for the input!

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