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BABCO info, and a possible Fisher?

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I left some absentee bids on a couple of anvils, and I'd like some help getting more info on them.

The first is a 100# BABCO OAKLAND brand anvil, in really good shape. It was bolted onto a small, purpose built table with pipe legs, so I don't think the "ring test" I did was of much value.

The only info I've dug up is a reply on reddit:

Nov 1, 2018, 3:11 AM

From the angle I can't tell if it's be refaced or not.

I have oddly seen a lot of Babco anvils in near perfect shape. Makes me wonder if it's the same two anvils ... :D

It's cast steel based on the waist design, so after the 1870s. Babco Oakland's Oakland plant closed like 50 years ago, after that stuff was MiJ and they continued to make anvils through the 1980s. There's no disadvantage to their MiJ stuff, though obviously people used to look down on it. It says Oakland no matter where it's made. Even the last of their vices continued to say that when they sent production to China. There are no anvils after the went MiC.

The other is a 70# (well, maybe  a few ounces shy now...) cast anvil with a hefty plate, with edges that have unfortunately been abused. It certainly doesn't ring like a bell. But I would rather have a city anvil. First, I NEED a usable anvil. The body of this smaller anvil is covered thick with schmutz and paint; still, the only markings are a "70" on the bottom under the horn, and an upside down "14" on the lead edge of the same foot. Could this be a Fisher? If not, what is your best guess?

Having left modest absentee bids, my chances of owning one of these is slim in the wake of smithing being popularized on TV. Still, I welcome the opportunity to learn more about these anvils.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful response!






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