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First forged chopper


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Hey folks!
Here is my first attempt at a big forged blade.
Steel: 5160
Blade: 12-1/2" convex grind recurve
Handel: 6" long
Scales: Home made micarta out of epoxy and cotton flannel strips
Pin: 1/4" stainless steel tubing

This was a Fathers day present to my Dad, and I am really happy how it turned out. The blade is much more lively in my hand than I thought it would, and it pops hairs all the way!

#15 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

#15 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

#15 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

#15 - Blacksmith Photo Gallery

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Nice blade. Now enlighten us all about how you made the scale material. Is it a very involved process?

Thank! I made the scales by:
Laying down a sheet of wax paper on a flat board.
Putting a layer of fresh mixed epoxy on the paper the size of my cloth strips.
Pressing the first strip down, and pushing it flat.
Added another layer of epoxy.
Added another strip...and so on.
When it was thick enough I then folded the wax paper up like a flat burrito.
Put another piece of flat wood on top and clamp them together.
Wait for it to dry, and do not touch....it gets hot!
Unwrap and cut off the excess edges with a scrollsaw.
Plane it flat.
Cut out the scale.

I should have taken some pics, next time I will!:)
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