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I have read, that "I prefer ez-weld" and " it is much better than borax", but actually what is ez-weld... or ez-welding? Is it a kind of flux or a welding method? I am also curious that is it better than forge weld with borax or not.

Thanks in advance,

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EZ-Weld is a proprietary flux compound sold by Anti-Borax. It has iron filings and some other chemicals - none of which are very exotic. However, for the price of a can, I find it better to buy than try to make my own as it works well for the intended purpose.

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Ok. I have used borax a few times, and I think it worked, but this made me unsure for a minute. At the bottom of the page somebody chide borax, so I asked what is the situation.
Now everything is clear.(I hope:))

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