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I Forge Iron

Classical Technques of Hand-Forged Iron Work

J W Bennett

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Classical Technques of Hand-Forged Iron Work
Max Metzger
Translated from German by Robert Ruhloff
No ISBN # found
71 pages
Spiral Bound

This book is excerpts from Metzgers book "the Artist-Blacksmith's Workshop" fourth edition dated 1927. I have not seen the "the Artist-Blacksmith's Workshop" but having read this small sampling I would like to see the full version. I don't read German so all I could probably do is look at the pictures and drawings.
For anyone wishing to do quality Artist-Blacksmiting this book is a must read. Metger covers hammer techniques, Forging Leaves and Flowers, Embossing and Chasing and Working in Brass, Copper and Bronze.
The book is full of drawings and black and white plates. Sometimes I wished the plates were a little clearer so I could see more detail.
I personaly enjoyed the section on Leaves and Flowers the most. It gave me something to set my sights on as my skills develope in the future. I have no doubt that as I progress I will find myself flipping back thru this for helpful information.
The book is a little pricey for 71 pages but I spend more on beer in a weeks time and at current prices is less than 8 gallons of gas and lasts alot longer. It is spiral bound and I like that because it will lay flat on a work table (now if it was only fire proof).
Once again I beleive "Classical Technques of Hand-Forged Iron Work" to be worth the price of admission.


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