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I Forge Iron

proper footwear.

Dave M

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I always wear steeltoe leather boots in the shop, heck I keep them hanging in the shop ( keeps the mice out of them). Well monday I got lazy wore flip flops down to shop. Stop I know what your thinking, I am not that lazy. I did put on my boots but I didn't lace them up:(<--- dummy. It gets worse I tucked my pants in to them. To make a long story short I was torch cutting a 2" prop shaft from a lobster boat when you guessed, big old gob of white hot slag bounces down my pant leg and into my boot.:o I proceded to do the my foots on fire dance over to my slack tub which is a beer keg with the top cut off. Boy that was the longest 5' I have ever run. Now any shoe I wear is going to hurt like heck for some time. Shakespeare said it best " biscuits are the bane of barefoot boys" :D

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As my uncle would say."Dang it Boy"!
Thats nothing. I dropped a bolt I had just taken out of the fire, and reached down and picked it up with the hand that WASNT holding the tongs the bolt slipped out of. :o
I'm sooo glad I kept a cool beer in the bottom of my slack tub.

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