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Well- I needed the little drawing to be sure of the suggested plan. I like it and like to weld( though, this calls for mig, not the delicacy of my beloved torches). I have steel somewhere around here- and a piece of 1/2" 6061 T6 that could filll the frame at the top-to set the anvil upon. Then use other anti-ring stuff- chain,magnets. Sounds like a fun plan. Maybe photos even- looks like we'll be a burning wire and squirtin 75-25 this weekend instead of screws and glue.jet( all of this mig stuff assumes I can get the carb on my generator cleaned and rebuilt- forgot the Sta-Bil. I have a kit somewhere around here. The gen is my only source of 220- big loud Tecumseh 10 hp- I put the extra quiet muffler on it and it still is darn near as noisy as a ratty old street stocker.) Heck, the way it is going here weatherwise, it might be the only electricity I have for a few days. It will be painful feeding it $4.50/gal gasoline.jet

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My idea is Just a suggestion for a stand, build what you think will work. I think the wheels would have to be spaced as far to the outside as possible for stability when in movement. I'm no engineer, by far. Just a crazy idea that was bouncing around my head. Good luck with whatever you come up with.

-aaron c.

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I have a similar arrangement on my Ridgid table saw- called a Her-Cu-Lift. Does not use a bottle jack. The saw is nearly 400 pounds. Occasionally Home Depot sells the lifts alone at great prices. It is very stable and efficient. Otherwise, with sensible spread on the platform wheels and the bottle jack low, your idea is good. I have little sympathy for folks who use a system that requires good judgment , abandon that judgment and complain when hurt. Though I am a lawyer, it has been many years since I could buy some kind of implement and not curse lawyers as I assembled it and then defeated the idiot stuff. I like this one" Do not try to make anything idiot proof- it only stimulates the creative juices of the idiot gene pool!" A feller shouldn't have to be a "rocket surgeon."( I like that one too)jet

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