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Completely new guy from north central Texas

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Hello all! My name is Robert. I'm from a little town in Texas called Dublin. We moved here a few months ago from west Texas to get back to a slower pace of life and allow our children to grow in an environment that wasn't so filled with all the modern conveniences and distractions. We have super slow internet and limited cell phone service out here where we live. ( that may have been done on purpose). I've been lurking on the site here for well over a year, slowly picking up tools and supplies for my little shop. As far as my shop.. well its just an old garage that was built somewhere around 1941. It's about 900 sqft on the bottom floor and the same up top with more limited head room due to roof pitch. I work as a mechanic and have for over 20 years out in the oil field of west Texas. Metal working and shaping to some extent is not anything new to me, but smithing... completely new to me. We own a farm, which should be up and fully running by years end. We moved to late  to get anything done for the season this year, other then what we are growing for ourselves. My wife owns and operates a small hand made soap shop. We very much are trying to move back into a more traditional life, with a few modern amenities here and there. Not quite sure what else to put here so I'm going to cut it off there. Please feel free to ask me anything and if by any means i post something in the wrong spot or ask a question that's been asked 109283091823 times, please feel free to correct me.



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