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Guild Update

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Well I just wanted to share a few things with everyone so you know what is going on and what is being planned.

1. The April Meeting went GREAT! Clay did some really cool things with his flowers and blossoms...if you couldn't make it you missed a great DEMO!

2. Camstreams is the company that hosts the webcasts for FREE and has doubled our bandwidth for the next upcoming meetings. AWESOME! This means more people out there can watch and enjoy! Thanks to Camstreams for making this opportunity more available to everyone interested.

3. We have been fortunate enough to have 40+ people at our meetings so far this year. We are in the planning stages of moving the meeting site to Yesteryear School of Blacksmithing in Crewe Virginia when all the preparations have been made. This will NOT happen until late summer so do not worry! This new site will allow the guild to do more with our meetings and have more room for people to be comfortable and enjoy the day!

4. The next meeting will be on May 17th with ELMER ROUSH AND HIS WIFE LYNDA METCALFE doing a joint demonstration. This is a really unique thing that they have never done before so it is going to be one for the record books.

5. Thanks so much to everyone who has been participating in the Iron in the Hat every month. Your participation is really helping! PLEASE KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING!

6. We got our 20 members for ABANA! Which means on July 19th there will be a special ABANA APPRECIATION event held with DOUG MERKEL doing a demonstration celebrating the life and memory of the lateDoug Hendrickson. More details to come soon...

Did I miss anything???

Oh yeah...there is a lot this guild owes to Mike and Linda Tanner for their dedication and open arms in allowing us to hold the meetings at their shop, AND to feed us every time. Their hospitality has a lot to do with the great time had by all every month. My hat is off to them for their dedication and enthusiasm not only for the guild but for blacksmithing in general. Thank You!


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