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April 2008 MFC meeting


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We ended up having a great meeting today, and thanks to Jim Piggot for being a last minute demonstrator, he made a steel skillet that proved to be another one of the things blacksmiths used to do that we still take for granted. He explained how to make a jig for shaping the pan and how to use it successfully. I am looking forward to making one myself. After the demonstration it was decided that on our next regular meeting date, we are all going to meet up and make the necessary preparations for the conference. This will include general clean-up as well as taking an inventory to see if any tools need to be purchased as well as steel for the demonstrators and the upcoming classes. We picked up a few more members and will be having a green coal class after the next meeting as well.


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I found out at Batson's Blade Symposium during Dr. James Lucie's presentation that William Scagel made large skillets he called "Dutch Ovens".
He would heat the finished pan and drop in a piece of tin and swirl it around till it melted and coated the surface. Also he is said to have made braces for children stricken with polio at no charge.

Jon Mc

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