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Sahinler oiling issues

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Our SM50 seems to have quit flowing oil. I know I'm getting air pressure to the oil tank, but the oil doesn't appear to be flowing into the machine. I'm not sure if the oil adjustment valve is gunked up or what. I've read that there's a check valve inside the valve, and I'm thinking that could be stuck? I'm not sure. Anyone experience any kinds of issues like this? I've emailed Sahinler but they're incredibly slow to respond and haven't been of any help so far. Any recommendations on where to start with this would be great. I don't want to burn my machine up. Thanks!!! 

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I believe I figured it out. I took the oil adjustment valve out and opened it up and there was a big cheese curd looking thing inside. No spring and ball detent like I was told would be in there, but maybe my model didn't come with one originally. Anyways, I haven't run her a whole lot yet but it seems like the oil is flowing again. 

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