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Two man sledge hammers

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Hi all

new here so unsure of protocol !

i read lots of pieces about two man sledge hammers asking for any info.

ive used one , lol.

am almost 70 yo now but back in early 20s i had occasion to work on a long defunked Arkrites mill in Derbyshire, was working on coal boilers and noticed the 2 man sledge on the coal pile, it wasnt  like the hex shaped head in the pics , head was very Egg shaped and i estimate head to have been approx 30-35lb.We tried it and although i had a donkey strength labourer, it was hard to weald, we never really knew its purpose but from head shape and its location found we deduced it had been used to smash coal lumps , 

if i can further assist.



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Image from an early copy of the Australasian Coachbuilder and Wheelwright Journal.

Two Handled Sledge.jpg

I stumbled across this one in Europe, but am unsure of it's origins.

trihandle sledge.jpg

Have saved the best until last.........most of you will have seen this one previously. It is on heaps of Southern Hemisphere Calenders!

Double handled sledge.jpg

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