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Hello from Haysville, KS


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My Name is Erron. I'm 42 and I'm a Navy vet, an AF Reserves retiree, and a patriot. I got into blacksmithing about six years ago at a Christmas lighting event here in town, and like the old cartoon characters that would float towards the smell of fresh bread or a fresh baked chicken, I was drawn to the smell of coal smoke and the sound of pinging.  I stepped into the warm, dingy shop and was mesmerized. I watch the smiths work for a what I thought was 5 or 10 minutes. It might have been longer. After speaking with one of them for a short time I was hooked! A couple of months went by before I could get back there again there to get to learning. I did that once a week for a year before I was deployed.

Fast forward 3 months, my youngest came along and I couldn't go back. Soon I will build a shop in the back yard and begin. I must go back over that basics slowly and relearn what I may have forgotten since then.

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Welcome to IFI...from a USCG Vietnam era vet. To get the best out of the forum I suggest you read this thread.


I took about a ten year break from the forge and it took a while to get back to where I was and this forum helped a lot.

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