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We are currently practicing for the NOCTI test (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute). We have already taken our written test (and I can post my test results if wanted) and now we are going to do the skilled portion (the actual welding) of the test tomorrow. We have to do a vertical up, V-groove, E7018, 1/4 inch root opening, 60 degree bevel with a backing for stick; all-around MIG weld in spray-arc metal transfer in the horizontal position on a square tube to a flat plate which will be subject to a dye-penetrant testing; Oxy-Acy cut whatever the blueprint says; Aluminum fillet "Tee joint" in the horizontal position with TIG; and Stainless steel fillet "lap joint" in the horizontal position with TIG as well. This test rates you against everyone else in the nation.

Here is one of my aluminum practice welds:


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