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A fancy "wall hanger" , well more belt hanger

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So I'm not forging the blade, in the future I might heat treat it, but my goal is just to have a wall hanger that I can wear to ren fairs. 

The blade is 1/4 inch 1080 and the cross is 3/4 inch a36. I made the handle from some cheap wood, the spacer is stainless washers, and the pins are bronze brazing rods. I have been reluctant to post about this because honestly it isn't very good, but I've got tough skin, plus this is just a rough draft to get use to my tooling and the techniques. 

I'm already on my second draft of the cross and it's not complete, I plan on doing rubics twists on either side and then filling the cuts with bronze braze. My first attempt at the cross was with 1/2 inch and it gave me a hard time slitting and drifting to 1/4 inch. Also, I realize pins in a European style sword is a little odd, but I want it all to be changeable as I go.

Anyways, here's some pics.



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