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I Forge Iron

New Here and First Knife


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Part 1

Hey Guys…

Just thought I’d show you a few pictures of my first forged knife…

Knife steel is 1050 which started out life as a block about 6” long about 3/8” thick.

Mastersmith Wally Haye’s Air hammer and 20 ton press made short work of the job and it ended up being a 12” bar about




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Photo 12
Knife after profiling

Anyway,, let me know what you think..

This is Beginning to be A lot of fun. Wally is a Great teacher, however told me NEVER to come back forging wearing Sandals !! LOL

Point Taken… J

A Huge Thank You to Mastersmith Wally Hayes for opening up his shop to me and his willingness to teach me his art..


Thanks for looking



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Hey Guys...


Measurements are

OAL 10.5"
Blade length 5 3/8"
Blade width is 1.5"

Blade is Flat ground and clay tempered..She's got a wicked hammon on her.. Can't wait to bring it out...

I'm just about done grinding it now..
Have to get a little help from Wally on the grind.Other than it's heat treated and will be cord wrapped, Hopefully by Wally, or at least with the help of Wally...

It's a heavy knife,, but it's going to be nice...

The sheath is going to be a Hybrid.. I'm doing the Kydex work and my buddy is doing the leather overlay..

Thanks for the interest..



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Hey Normark... Hi guys,

I was there that night and had a blast... Wally Hayes is a talented man and a good friend. Normark, is without a doubt the best kydex sheathmaker out there and soon to be great Bladesmith!

Thanks for putting me on to this site, bro


FYI..... Normark here, enjoys forging in sandals!... the smell of burning hair and flesh and toejam is always a pleasure....

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Rick...


It's not that I enjoy working in Sandals,, they are the only shoes I own.. :)

That was Alot of fun that night...

Heres some pictures of that same knife finished....

Hey Guys…

Well here is the final product….

Knife is made from 1050, and clay hardened.
I hand sanded the knife for 2.5 hours to a 600 grit finish. Wally put a quick 800 on it with the belt..


It came out a lot better than I expected…
It’s still a rough looking knife,, however that was the intended plan from the beginning of this project.


A view of the hammon length ways

In this picture you can see there is actually a double temper line on the blade. Not exactly sure how that happened…

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Here I shortened and changed the rear of the handle a little. Knife is heat treated and finish ground to 400 grit..

This little hunter was really fun to make.. Grinding was very minimal on it as the forging process pretty much formed it to shape…

Hope to finished it up next week…

Thanks for your time..


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