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Hello from Denmark


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Hello I am Daniel CL some of you might know me from Britishblades.com where my profile name is DCL. and bladeforums.com where i am DCL_dk :D . I am Danish so my English Is NOT the best :/ but hope you can understand me, if not just ask. well a few years a go i tried to do some blacksmithing and it really got me and have not been able to stop forging since i do forge knifes but also anything els i can it is yet only a hobby as i don't have must time course I'm starting in the Danish Army the 1st. of April the last year or so i have been working as a carpenter and i do also enjoy working with wood some might say i kinda love wood :P i have also worked allot on cars and building machines and such stuff with my father and i got a thing for old tools. ehm i share a workshop with my father and we got a few things and beside woodwork and forging i also do a lot of custom polishing jobs. yeah i am 19 years old what els to say.. well i am looking forward to learn some stuff from you, and also share what i know. I will not have a lot of posting time ones in the army though I do also work out and run a lot to keep my self fit..

I have a Photobucket where there are a few albums with some of my work and workshop and some woodwork.

Regard Daniel CL.

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