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Zirconium--Zircu Ti--Black Timacus


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Ok guys so I have searched the forum and didn't find much so I am looking for the truth on zirconium and the zirconium/titanium mixes (zircu ti and black timascus)....so first one of the supply sites made me sign a release just to buy the stuff and they told me that not only does it throw off crazy amount of sparks (I think the description was "titanium on steroids") what surprised me tho is they told me that any time you make dust or chips wether it be from the grinder a mill a band saw anything that creates chips these chips can self ignite 2 hours later 2 days later 2 months later! they told me to make sure I sweep up all the chips (in my mind I think its absolutely impossible to get every single lil chip) they even told me a story where a guy that uses a lot of zirconium stores it in a 50 gal drum filled with water and well he put it in his pick up to go and get rid of it and apparently there wasn't enough water and the whole drum self ignited in the back of his truck burning a hole through the bed of his truck and even burning a hole in the road......so 2 other suppliers told me yes it throws ALOT of sparks but once those sparks are out they are out they don't self ignite at a random time later on. So what I am trying to find out how dangerous is this stuff...everyone I talk to says something different. I have even searched the web for answers finding some sites saying yes it will self ignite and other sites saying no it wont....so for the people that have used any of these materials.... How do you go about keeping things safe?  Is the zirc/titanium mix (zircu ti, black timascus) just as dangerous as the pure zirconium? ANY info on these materials would be appreciated I would like to start working with some of this stuff but my shop is the basement and garage of my house I cant light this place up so I gota be as safe as possible even if that means putting one of my grinders on a stand with wheels and push it out side when grinding this stuff...I do already have a 5 gal bucket of the powder they put in fire extinguisher....any info would help guys THANKS


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