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Problem solved - Improvised sheet metal brake

Michael Cochran

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I was working on a wood heater for my shop today modled off of the one in my house. I decided to use folded and lapsed edges like the professionally built one has but I do not have a brake in my shop. 

In my resource pile I have some large angle I rescued from scrap years ago that looked like it would work so I have it a shot. I took a couple pictures to show the setup even though I could describe it fairly easily enough. 

Once you have your angle setup simply insert to your line and clamp it firmly. Then you can bend up or down. I had to use a hammer to persuade the last little bit to cooperate and straighten out. The sheet I used for this project was salvaged from the exoskeleton of an old junked car.

With just a little modification one could easily build a break based off of this basic idea. Who knows I might just make one myself one day just in case I need it again. 



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