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Where to get coal/coke

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So i've been slowly acquiring everything I need to start smithing, I made a home made forge out of a 22 gallon drum. It needs a little work but it does the job fairly well. I've only used wood in it, I'm wondering where I can get coal or coke, I live in a town called Blacksville, called that because it's a cola mining town. So I can probably just goto the mine and buy some if anything but I'd like to know where to get coke at. I'm in northern West Virginia near Morgantown. Also where can I get a hand blower other than the internet? There is a blacksmith about an hour away from me I got my anvil from and I'm pretty sure he has some. Just wondering if they sell them at any kind of stores.

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Going to the local mine that you mention would be a good start. The Tractor Supply Company near me also sells anthracite coal, so you could try your local one. You can also find coal and coke online, at sites like centaur forge, for example. 

To find old blowers, you could try going to antique stores, auctions, etc.

Theres also the option of building your own blower. I made mine from a squirrel cage blower from a forced air furnace. Some 2x4s for a frame, some stock for axles and a handle, pulleys and belts to increase output (could be subsituted with sprockets and chain or gears), washers to hold the axles in place, and a welder and its actually quite an easy build. If you do not have access to a welder, you could hold everything together with set screws.

All the material is easily found at any hardware store, and you could try contacting a furnace reapir technician to get the blower. Most of them throw out old ones when they replace them, but they are still perfectly suitable.

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