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Storing belts

Will W.

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Hello everyone. 

I know there are topics around here about storing sandpaper, but i couldnt find one about storing sanding belts. 

I have a large number of belts just sort of sitting around, hanging on nails, etc. Its inefficient and ineffective. 

Just curious, how do you guys store your sanding belts? Any tips or tricks to storing them, preferably categorized by grit?


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What I use:  on amazon, "Pacon Classroom Keepers " with each column a different size, (4X106, 4X36, 1X30) and each row a different grit. I have the 15 slot model.


I'm saving up for a nice 2X72, but until then, I use what I have. The 4X106 wet Sommaca I just built a flat platen for and I'm loving it right now. 

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