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So I have a few pieces of steel cut out of a structural I beam in a commercial building. I know most steel on the job sites tend to be mild but I was thinking the beams may be something a bit tougher. The "iron workers" have no idea what  it's made of other than "steel". Typically in the plans steel members such as the one these were cut from, are referred to as red iron.  Wondering if anybody has any insight on I beam production. Haven't found the time to spark test yet. Thanks



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Pete; do you want your steel tough and gooey or hard and brittle?   The four I've checked out range from 12 points to 25 points---with 30 points and up being medium carbon steel.  

Also: Structural steel used for building structures must have high weldability; the carbon content must not exceed 0.25 percent. (http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Structural+Steel)

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