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sideblast almost done !


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I am almost finished with the sideblast build. picked up some 2" black pipe, elbows, flanges today and hope to have it fired up by next weekend !  I will be making a water cooled tue-iron/bosh tank but I need to get back to forging.  I still need to cap the hood and install the powered vent (see other post) which I also picked stuff up for today.

Had to rearrange part of the shop to make room for indoor forging until I build the dedicated shop, so excuse the mess. (you can see my Whitlox inspired charcoal forge & hood next to it)


 here's a crappy video of the powered vent. my 1st youtube video... my kids would be proud (NOT)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYfeybH7M2w





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Ok, long time since I started this thread. been spending too much time on cars, women and booze....  Wait, that's not it.  well, cars is somewhat correct. 

Anywho, heres a more recent photo of the newly created forging area in the shop. This is slowly becoming less a car shop and more the metal shop. I'm sure at some point I will actually build the dedicated forge, but for now I gotta work with what I got (10x more than most, I know)

The sand is gone, it was more for photos and a test for the vent system. I spray galvanized the pan and haven't filled it back up yet. I used a T fitting for my bypass air valve,  I cut a slit in 1/4' rod and welded a flap to it. this is under the pan and connected to a push/pull rod on both sides (for us ambidextrous types)

I included a shot of the powered vent since there were a few discussions of their feasibility.









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