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Had a good time at Morgan Jade iron works

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Took Daves beginers class sat.  First impression was good,  shop is well organized and clean.  It was easy to see he takes pride in his work.  It was me and one other guy  ,I was glad it wasn't crowded.  

After some discussion on what I had done and what I wanted to learn we decided we would make some tools.  I have a slight obssesion with hammers so we set out to make a handed hammer punch, hardy dish for facing rounding hammers (hope that's the proper term), and a hardy hot cut.

Hammer punch would be 5160 1 1/8" round. He explained how to figure out stock length for 2D tapers and 3D tapers. After deciding stock lenght he cut half a dozen peaces and fired up the ribbon burner.we then squared up our stock on the power hammer, measured and center punched the eyes.

 We took turns running the punch and striking over a striking anvil. Once punched we began drifting the eyes with 2 drifts and drawing out the checks. Then back on the power hammer to draw out the punch.  Finished up over the papa Rhino and cleaned them up on a 2"x72belt grinder. Wow could that thing eat steel! 

We made the hardy tools from some 2" truck axel.  Used the power hammer to take it down to 1" square. And upset in the hardy again on the striking anvil with both of use striking while walking around it.  Took turns striking and calling with the handled round die. Finished the hot cut on the power hammer.  Didn't have time to finish grinding on the hot cut but I can do that at home.

Daves style of teaching worked very well for me imo.  He would show use how to do it while explaining the Whats and whys  then step back and let use work threw trial and error correcting only when we were starting to really head south. 

It was a great experience for me. I felt like I learned quite abit and that we accomplished a lot in the 8 hours.  He also invited me back for a hammer in later next month




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