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newbee gas atmosferic forge progect


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Goodmorning guys !

I would make a gas forge, for my small private activity, but I don’t know the potential of side arm burner of zoller or t-rex.

My hypothetical forge must have this dimensions : 50 x 30 x 20 mm

This forge is the best in italy for small activity : Forno AR/1 from www.ARitalia.it but it’s expensive

If I buy your side arm burner, I should rebluild the same as carateristic of this commercial gas forge ? That is ….

I must build a forge for normal forging works, with 50 x 30 x 20 of dimension, and two of your burner, but I it catches up the optimal temperature ?

I arrive at 1300

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Good morning Frederico:

If your dimensions are really in mm then you won't need more than a butane soldering torch for general forging and a MAPP gas torch will get it to welding heat. Bernzomatic is the American brand name I'd recommend. They can be used with MAPP gas as well.

Bernzomatic Torch

If however you meant cm instead then a 3/4" sidearm burner is about twice as much burner as you'll need to reach welding heat. This is a good safe number if not as efficient as it could be, being a lot of overkill.

However, I find using an oversized burner a serious time saver, especially heating thick or numerous pieces.

I don't know if there are plans for a 1/2" sideam burner which is closer to the right size for a forge (assuming cm measurements) as you describe. Modifying the design isn't too difficult though it'll take some experimentation to get it tuned properly.


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