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Crucible resipies

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casting and handling molten metals is extremely dangerous and can kill or maim you instantly. all proper protective equipment should be worn the whole time!

i feel that there is a large mix of people that both buy and make there own crucibles on here.  and i think it would be a good idea to share resipies.

a simple ceramic crucible is basically a pot maid of fire clay grog and sum fluxing agent, resipies very greatly.

clay graphite, usually maid to melt steel., but not always. the people that have carbon increase from this kind is most likely due to it not having a flux that protects the graphite allowing it to give up a carbon atom at 700f plus. the clay is a binder and the graphite also a part binder then silica carbide usaly added to reduce shrinkage and increase strength,

silica carbide is mainly silcarb with graphite as the binder. formed under 350tons and about 4000 degrees. 

i use clay graphite my self for melting iron. ive had no carbon pick up in 3 melts now. using borasilicate as my filler binder. 

the flux agent is usually a mineral ,chemical or the like that melts at a lower temp and basically glues everything together.

if any one has a silica carbide resipie would be great to know. 

Making crucibles is part pottery and part science.


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silica carbide recipe for steel.


50% silica carbide

50% millilte/grog

massive hydrolic pressure then fire to 1700c-1800c to fuse.

none ferrous/ maybe ferrous fire temp 1600c and up.

50% fire clay

50% silica carbide.

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