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California contractors licensing. Anyone licensed?

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I've been studying for the past month to take my c-23 ornamental metal contractors license. Was wondering if any architectural guys are licensed and have taken the trade or law test. Wanted to get some insight on the questions and if their is specific information I should be studying more than other.

also breaching the topic of licensing I have noticed there are quite a few jobs I don't get the oppurtunity to bid cause I'm not licensed. This seems pretty common on new construction especially on higher end homes which is where I'd like to be competing.  So it's a necessity to be licensed in my opinion. Otherwise I'm going to end up doing fabrication and welding work the rest of my life. However I personally know two artist blacksmiths (in California) that are one man operations, maybe just a helper. Everything is cash, under the table, both have been operating over 15 years this way, one guy over 20 years this way. Never got licensed. They work almost only with interior designers and home owners, hardly ever are they contracted through the general contractor on a project. They do everything through the designer who ends up taking on the "liability" of their project. Does that make sense?? For me I want to do things legit and above board, I can't handle the stress of thinking I'm doing something ethically wrong, but am I just going over board getting licensed bonded and insured to build pedestrian gates, small railing, fire place screens and tools?? Or is this necessary?

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