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FIre pot...Coal


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Thinking of building a new bottom blast forge using this pressure tank head. 7/16" thick  X 11" across X 5" high...It's a freebie.

I can get any size hole drilled thru the center at no cost... Should I cut it down in height? I'm thinking that 3 1/2" - 3 3/4" tall would be ideal...This doesnt have the tapered floor / side like efficient fire pots. Thinking there's just a little to much vertical wall here. What are your thoughts?





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you could always slope the sides with dirt or ash. How are you going to attach it to a table (assuming that's your plan compared to not having a table for extra coal, tongs,ect.). in my honest opinion you would be better of with a brake drum or rotor that's the proper size. with a rotor you would already have a hole, and a lip around the top to rest it in a metal table. But that just my thoughts.


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Was thinking I'd weld some tabs on the pot and some angle iron pieces under my table wit stops...I'd like to slide it in from the bottom where its removable.. yes there will be a table for this to mount under. Maybe I should just weld up a firepot...there's a template on www.bamsite.org

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