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My KMG setup

Sam Salvati

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Here is my KMG, mounted to it's stand/table. The motor is mounted on a hinge plate, so as you can see in the pictures i can run 3 different pullies on the grinder itself off of one single pulley on the motor. I still need to add an adjustable dust collector, it will be adjustable in and out so it can be moved about under the different size wheels and platen. I can store all the accessories and stuff underneath the table on the little shelf, i also still need to build a belt rack and a tooling holder. The weight of the motor acts as the tensioner on the belt, and the whole plate can be flipper up and back to free up some table space(gotta get a picture of that).









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Don't you just love it!! I'm convinced that there is no better grinder for the money on the market.
A hint on the machine....make sure that the machine is set a such a height that when you stand in front of it, with our elbows loosely locked to your sides, the grinding area is right there....the worst thing you can do when grinding is having to reach up or down....no stability, and you'll constantly fight the machine.

I love to see folks get themselves a good grinder. It will be the most used machine in your shop, and will offer more versatility than any other machine can.

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I really do Ed, it is the best machine i have worked on, on par if not slightly better than a B3 even, and I never thought anything could be better than the B3! it is set at a pretty good height, I can always weld on some nuts to the bottom of the legs, and put bolts in and make it adjustable if I would like it higher. You are right it is a great machine, my forge get's a bit more use though so far;). I find it does alot of different things, not even knife related things VERY VERY well!

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Nice, I've played with IG's KMG and it's certainly a wonderful machine. More than I was able to dedicate to a grinder when I wanted to purchase a 2x72, but I'll probably get one someday.

I'm using a Coote grinder currently, as can be seen to the right in this picture


Even that machine with only a 1hp motor gets a ton of work in my shop, i haven't used a composite stone grinder ever since i got the belt grinder. I'm thinking about perhaps looking into that Tracy Mickley grinder plans, and working towards a KMG by buying and using KMG tool arms and wheels / plattens, before i get the KMG frame. Can never have too much grinding power around in the shop =D I certainly know I'll have that Coote for many many years to come even if I get KMG

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Thanks Mark! You are 100% right, good tools help to do more better!

J, I love the coote and have heard nothing but good things about it, and liked it when i used one for a little while. The KMG is just, so much more. Definately try the plans from Tracy! You might not get a KMG then.

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