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"Sunnydale Forge" Update


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"Sunnydale Forge"

Construction Updates


Here's the first big update on my forge building. It's coming along great. First, I'm calling it the "Sunnydale Forge" after the TV miniseries, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Yeah, I know - fan art. I'm also a big fan of the Christian metal band, Demon Hunter. Their logo is the graphic I've painted on the back of the forge.


The burners for my forge. They should hit around 120,000-150,000 BTU each. At 20PSI, I'm estimating to reach 2700F forge operating temperature in close to 15 minutes of operation. I'll do a future update on actual temperatures once it's all finished.



This is a top view of the forge. Lighting is bad. I have two pieces of 1/2" unistrut strapped onto the sides, as well as a hinge near the front. I also have two 2" holes drilled at approximatly 15 degrees off of dead center.


This is my custom paint job. Yeah, the paint's still wet in the picture. It turned out really well. It's the Demon Hunter band logo - a demon skull with a bullet hole in it's head. The message is, "Hunt down your demons." I like that the wet paint mix made the whole back side of the forge look like ash. It turned out better than I intended.


I'm not planning on having a hole in the back of the forge. I don't intend to work on longer pieces, plus I need to conserve propane as much as possible.


Future plans:
- Install the legs - I have several ideas for this. I want to make the legs look kind of like vampire stakes (again, after buffy the vampire slayer). I'm still working on getting materials.

- Install the burner holder assembly.

- Install the Kaowool and Satanite, and all that yahoo.

- Install the front hatch (probably going to be a frying pan or saw blade. Not sure yet).

- Install the burners, and light it up.


I'll probably be coming up with a lot of other ideas as I progress. It's a work in progress. For now, this artist needs time to rest. In the meantime, let me know what you think. Thanks.

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Update #2 - the Sunnydale Forge


Now I've added a few pieces of hardware. The legs are all on. The people I ordered from accidentally sent me 1 12" nipple instead of 4 10" nipples, so one of the legs is 2" longer. I'll fix that later. The two burner holders are on. I made the burner holders after zoellerforge's design. I still have a lot of work to do, I'll keep posting updates as long as I'm working on the project.







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