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Small tanto

Sam Salvati

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Here is a small tanto, I forged just the outline last year at my old shop, meant to send it to someone for them to file to shape but that fell through(weirdo). Ground a chisel edge onto it, and heat treated it and it is ready for mounting. No frills, flat grind on the platen up to the tip, and the tip is convex ground on a slack belt. Forged from old leaf spring:D. I left the rough hammer marks on the back and upper bevel, because it showed my early hammer technique and mess ups. It is MUCH more gorgeous effect in person up close, alas my camera does not do close ups well. AT the plunge cut, that is grease/oil, not a grinder screw up:).






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Sam, the new KMG is starting to show ;) .

Looks really good, and the plunge cut as well. I bet you are really enjoying having a professional grinder. The hammered texture on the spine should provide for some interesting contrast.

What are you thinking for finish on the blade? You should mount that sucker up soon and get it finished so we can see what it will look like (you could probably pay for that 10" contact wheel with it too.)

Anyway, looks good, keep us updated.

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