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Steel for the Body of an Axe

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I have some SA-675 GR70 N.  I know it is primarily used in welded pressure vessels. My question is (and I'm asking here instead of wasting my time) would it make for a good body for an axe head. It would be a small hand axe. Here are some specs on the material:

Carbon 0.27 - 0.31%
Manganese 0.79 - 1.3%
Phosphorous 0.035% max
Sulphur 0.035% max
Silicon 0.13 - 0.45%
tensile strengths from 55 - 90 MPa

I would be fire welding in a piece of O1 for the bit. This will be my first attempt at any type of blade. I have learned to fire weld (finally lol). I just thought I would ask here before I attempted it as I'm no metallurgist and I could'nt find anything in a search. There is the distinct possibility however that I just didn't "search" correctly.

Thanks all for your time. :)

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I'm not sure about the Si, but from what I have read the rest should work OK. Take a small piece of each and see if you can laminate the O-1 inside of the SA-675 GR70 N. What does the N stand for, if anything?

You might use a different steel for your bit. If you have trouble laminating the O-1, try a simpler high carbon steel.

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Thanks Bo. I'm not sure what the N stands for honestly. We have machine parts made and I got the number off the engineering data sheets.

I'm hoping to get some time to try just what you suggested this weekend.

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