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I Forge Iron

Hello, new to the forums, and this craft.


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Hey everyone.

I spent enough time browsing the forums, let me say hello. I'm new to blacksmithing, I have a 2 burner knife propane forge, with a anvil that has been welded together with a few different things to make it efficient. Ive had some time to play with it and make a few rough and crude knifes. I was wondering if anyone was in the philadelphia region, that has a bit more experience and would be willing to share some of their knowledge with me. I would be very grateful. I've read different opinions on people saying watching someone you can learn the world, and others saying just jump on the horse and hold on. I took the latter route first, and would love to try the first one now and see if anything I can learn will help me hold on to my horse a little longer. So far I highly enjoy blacksmithing, and would love to see my full potential with it.

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There are a number of us in the Philadelphia area here. I'm up in middle Bucks, J and Pete are out in the Lancaster area, Stash, Nick and Marcy are south of the city, and there are a number of others I'm not remembering at the moment.


You might want to look into PABA ( Pennsylvania Artist Blacksmith Assn). They have bi monthly meetings, and the location depends on which member is hosting the event. Next one is June 25th at the Hans Herr house. Aug 6th is the one after that.



Bryn Athyn College just north of the city in Montgomery Co runs week long blacksmithing classes that I'd highly recommend. I've taken several of them and always had a great time.

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Im actually in the Montgomery county area DSW, not far at all. Ill definitely check out the PABA, I thought i checked it out before and didn't get far with it. Maybe i had a different site. Ill do my best to clear my calendar for the meet on the 25th. I didn't think so many people in the surrounding areas would be involved with it. 

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Figured I would throw my set up out there. It's not much, but it works.

I also have an angle grinder that I use in another location due to electricity needs. I'm hoping to have a belt sander in the near future as I collect funds. 


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