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Post Vise Identification

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I found this post vise in an elderly neighbor's garage that I was helping to clean. She gave it to me for my help. I have never seen the maker's mark before and wondered if anyone else had? Her husband worked for the natural gas company in the 50's and 60's and was fond of bringing home tools they were throwing out. Any help appreciated, Thanks, Gary
( I posted two pics in the gallery, below is the link to one)

Unidentified Vise - Blacksmith Picture Gallery

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Post vises are very hard to identify because most of them were sold by weight not brand or maker, and not a whole lot of makers marked them clearly. If it has a weight stamped into the top of the front jaw, with the style of the box on the back it's /possible/ it could be a peter wright, but even that would be only a strong possibility

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Thats a nice looking vise! You can't beat the price.

My guess is that it was made by the Warren tool co. I can almost read Warren in a few places in the one picture. I have a few hardies made by Warren. I doubt its a Peter Wright. British vises are generally more refined looking. This one is most likely American made.

Good luck with it.


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