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Are you sure it was diamond?  Diamond isn't the best for steels because it has an affinity to the carbon:  You can get some problematic effects--basically ruining the wheel if you don't use the right procedures.

Might have been cubic or polycrystalline boron nitride which is up there close to diamond among the grits.

Cup wheel has a lot of different implications but I can't seem to find any of them that meet the rubberized spec you called for.  Those are often called "cratex" wheels and they are available in other shapes (like grinding points)--but not usually large cup wheels.

More info about the cup wheel size and style might help.  Are you talking angle grinder wheels or mounted cup wheels?

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I have a mounted cup wheel now with a resin bonded diamond media. It cuts extremely fine burrs for the shsrpening. 1 to two passes cuts my final edge bevel and leaves a fine hair thin burr. 1 pass on a power strop will leave a razor edge. I have seen a rubber bonded one but can't lose category it. I have seen sources for other media in a diamond bond.

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