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1st knife and my 2x72!


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Wanted to post a pic of the grinder I just finished and a pic of my first knife.

The grinder is all made with scrapes around my shop. Everything was made in house except the plastic taking wheel that will be swapped out with my own steel tracking wheel. Motor is a 3 phase 1.5 hp motor and I'm running a 2.2k VFD. All I need now is to whip up a table.

My first knife. O-1 tool steel. Think I'm going to do a simple paracord wrap on this one, but that could change. Let me tell ya, grinding those bevels without a table rest was an eye opener.... heat treat was done in a wood fire box with a hairdryer and some black iron pipe. Brought it to non-magnetic and quenched in canola oil and tempered at 450 for 2 hours.




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