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i use a champion 25 works grate its the one i use the most think i payed about $45 forit i have a champ 400 and a big mohawk the 400 needs some tlc so i dont use it right now and the mohawk is so hard to turn i have to take it apart to see whats making it bind up so hard.
check with other smiths in your area and you should be able to find one but depending on condition and who made it price will range from free to $300 if you look enough and be patent you can find them at fleamarkets and junk shops. If you go electric you can take about any size squarl cage blower and make it work i recomend an air gate over reostat control less fidiling with a knob to get it at the right speed.

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I use a champion 400 hand crank type blower and like it very much. I absolutely prefer it over any electric blower, use one for awhile and you'll see why. The most user freindly feature is the "glide" which results from its excellent gearing and balance. When turning the handle in the process of taking a heat this blower responds in a very controllable manner which is easy to feel and judge, once you let go of the handle it begins to slow down and taper off. Need a little more blast? just give another half turn or so and it keeps the "glide" going. Want a blast that will melt kryptonite? crank hard and you have it. Want barely a breath? slowly move the handle and she gives what you want.
The Champion 400 is the Cadillac of blowers.
If you have an opportunity to aquire one at a price you feel is just then I suggest you grab it. It's not like you can go down to WallyWorld and get one off the shelf.:)Dan.

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