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How to weld A/R Plate steel

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I've known the folks at the local steel supply for many years.  I never buy in large quantity but I do buy frequently.  And they give me their deepest discount....?cause they like me or because they like donuts ?". I mention that the flat dies in my hydraulic press are mild steel and they deform rather quickly.  Sitting at his desk, he tells me to go to the first building, third rack, far end on the bottom is a 2 X 3 foot piece of A/R plate.  Next to it is 30" of  2 1/4" round bar, Blanchard ground used for hydraulic piston shafts.  You can have that too if I want it (cause it has some surface rust.)     Amassing memory, because I can't remember what I had for lunch let alone where a certain piece of steel is in this huge warehouse.  

So if I cap the flat dies with the A/R, Can I mig weld it without effecting it?   .....................


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