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MacBell Avils - Any good?

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I paid a little over $300 for a Hay Budden that weighed a little less than 100#. That seems to the going rate around here. There weren't any added expenses except maybe a half hour of my time. The MacBell looks to be in better shape. Right now there appears to be a lack of good anvils for sale in the PNW. You might look at what new farriers anvils in the same weight range are going for.

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I know anvil prices, and what I should pay for an anvil of a given quality and weight, but I I can't find any info about MacBell anvils or when and how they were made, which is what I'm after. They look decent, and the pattern is nearly identical to a Trenton swelled-face ferrier anvil, so maybe they were made by someone who started out at Trenton and struck out on their own... or they might just be a cheap copy...

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