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Alwin Wagener Demo: 1/19/08

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Hello everyone.
I just finished talking with Alwin about his demonstration coming up on January 19th 2008!
Location: Yesteryear Forge. Amelia VA.
!!!!!!!!!IRON IN THE HAT!!!!!!!!
Lunch provided

Alwin has some great things in store for the meeting:
~bear heads
~fluxless forge welds
~free shaping fire shovels with a swage block and vice (as opposed to using a jig or shovel form) which are then forge welded to a shaft
for a one piece fire tool
~different leaf forms
~making a corkscrew
~making a bottle opener
~and dragons

It is going to be a very FULL day of interesting thigns to see and learn.

Trade Item: "Something that lights the way" Forge a Candle holder, lamp, etc...
look here for more details and ides: http://www.iforgeiron.com/forum/f47/upcoming-trade-item-4256/

PLEASE RSVP TO ME FOR A LUNCH COUNT ASAP!!! president@blacksmithguildofva.com


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