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Hi everyone, 


I've been meaning to do a thread like this for a long while. I'd like to show you my progression of tong making from my first to my most recent. 


These are my most recent tongs made just last week. These were made from 16mm square stock. about 12" long I think. 


They're far from perfect, but a significant improvement over my first set. Like anything practice makes perfect, I rather enjoyed making this set and I'm looking forward to making another set in the near future. 

Here you can see all of the tongs I've made. With the very first pair on the left, and my more recent pairs on the right. 


The photo below shows my first pairs in more detail. The pair on the right are for holding arrow heads, a job they excel at and the only pair I'll use out of these early tongs. 




The tongs below are my more recent ones. I made the scrolling tongs shortly after getting a copy of Mark Aspery's book hence the more angular boss. I actually really like this style. 




I hope you can see the gradual improvement and this gives any beginners out there a boost to know your tongs will improve the more you make them. It's like anything, practice makes perfect. I know I'm a long way off perfect but hopefully I'll get there eventually. If I can do it, so can you. I'm looking forward to making a few more sets of tongs in the near future. 


All the best 






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