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Treadle hammer build problem

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i am writing this to see what you all think For the last several months i have been using my free time to build a clay Spencer inline treadle hammer ( the one that uses skate wheels for bearings.) yesterday i finally welded together the base anvil and column assembly  i did my best when it comes to squaring everything up but with my limited welding skills i either warped it or missed squaring the column properly  all the internal angles of the base column and anvil are square but the column in relation to the anvil appears to be 3/16" off the center-line to the right at the top of the anvil. this would be 3/8 at the total height of the 72" column. my anvil is a 6" round and is curved very slightly in the same axis( about 1/8 in three feet.

the column is not square to the base correctly on  the same side so i ether warped it or forgot to put my square on the side of the column

MY question is this

Looking at the design i can see where i may be able to line things up with the upper assembly's as i continue construction Is this a good idea or should i be considering cutting everything apart and starting over before i proceed?

Any advice would be helpful.







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I assume the column is square tubing or tubing of some sort. If so you may want to do some research into flame straightening. This is a process of localized upsetting using a oxy/fuel torch. I have used it successfully so straighten structural members that warped upon welding.

If the tube warped when it was welded then I would use the flame straightening to fix it. However if you just did not get it square prior to welding I would cut it apart and weld it again. Which ever you do the time spent on it now will be well worth the effort.

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Somehow i knew that would be the answer as the lazy way is never the right way i was just a little miffed when i discovered my error. the column is a 4x4 7ga tube i put a box level on it and it is still straight as an arrow pointing the wrong way. i am hoping that i can cut the base welds most of the way through on both sides leaving just a tack in the middle like a hinge and bend it to where i need it to be then re-weld it to the base. if it dosent move easily i will have to cut the upper braces free as well loosing almos all the work i did yesterday Grrrrr.

but i know you are right


thanks again



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