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Meet the 700 Lbs anvil

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Met with StuarttheSmith to see about doing some trading and tool buying. 

And took this picture while I was there today. 

Meet the 700Lbs anvil.....



I'll be buying a few things next weekend from him and doing a construction job for a really nice forge. Also I learned quit a bit about anvil safety Matter of fact I learned more about blacksmithing in the 45 minutes of hands on with him then I can or could learn out of a book or the internet. Got to watch him in that 45 minutes go from cold forge  and stick of 1080 ts, to a Bowie knife forged out. in just 4 heats. 

All while giving me pointers and tips on how to do it in a way that will produce a knife to be proud of.


I look forward to seeing him again next week and picking up the tools and as we discussed, & having a estimate on materials needed to complete the office job this spring when he wants it done.

I'm going to discuss the Fisher anvil you showed me with the wife, but I have to see where I am with the money then. I will be getting the other things we talked over though. 


All in all we were well met and it was a JOY to see a real pro craftsman work his trade like it was second nature.


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