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Adjustments to Champion 400 Blower


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I was recently lucky enough to purchase a Champion 400 blower and Whirlwind firepot at auction.  Both are in great shape, having just the usual rust, dirt, grease, etc.  I do however need to make two adjustments to the blower.  I've researched everything on the 400 on this site and others but can't seem to figure out the answer.


Adjustment 1:  I assume since the brass gear is concave on the working part that it should set directly above the worm gear.  Mine is off toward the inside so that only the outside of the brass gear is touching.  When looking down from the top, I can see a lot of the worm from one side and nothing from the other.  I removed the set screw and tried to nudge the gears over but they won't move.  There are a lot of warnings about forcing so I decided best to ask.  So how do I move this gear over?


Adjustment 2:  The main shaft the fan is attached to has a lot of play.  Everything looks to be fine so I figured I could place a 3/4" socket on the back and 1" socket on the front and tighten them together to snug everything up.  They won't budge.  And just as above, there are warnings about putting too much force on the shaft, so thought better to ask.  So how do I tighten up the bearings?


As always, thanks for the help and for IFOREGEIRON!



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Before I answer, a few questions. How does the blower operate as it is currently set? Does the handle turn smoothly in both directions? Is there excessive noise from any of the bearings? Does the handle continue to turn after you release it? Answers to all these questions will determine the appropriate actions.


As this thing was operated for around a century, the gears may have worn together and although they look off center, they may be properly aligned. If you move the bronze gear over to make it sit on-center, the tooth alignment may be compromised, making it work worse than it does now. The bronze gear is keyed to the shaft, and that square head setscrew is what holds it in place. If I recall correctly, there is an end play adjustment under the caps on the outside of the housing (loosen one side and tighten the opposite to move the shaft over slightly).


As for the nut removal, there is an outer jam nut and an inner cone nut that rides on the bearings. Between the two is a washer with an internal tooth that fits in the key slot. You will need a thin wrench to hold the cone nut while you release the jam nut, all from the same end.


What I have learned the hard way is if the blower works pretty good, don't tinker with it. You may end up having it work worse and then have to chase adjustments to try to get it back to where you started. Good luck, and keep us posted with your results.


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